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Mazda Atenza is one of the top choices for drivers who demand the very best. Why did we say that? Mazda Atenza is the combination of style, performance, and innovation that converge to create a truly exceptional driving experience. The Mazda Atenza is a sleek and sophisticated vehicle that seamlessly blends sporty performance with premium features. To have more knowledge about this car, let's buckle up and get ready to experience the ultimate in automotive excellence.

Mazda Atenza Generations: All Model Years 

The Mazda Atenza, also known as the Mazda6 in some markets, has been in production since 2002. Over the years, it has undergone several updates and redesigns, resulting in several distinct generations. Here is a brief overview of each Mazda Atenza generation:

1st generation (2002-2008)

The first-generation Mazda Atenza was introduced in 2002 and was available as a sedan or station wagon. It featured a sleek, sporty design and was offered with a range of gasoline and diesel engines. In 2005, the Atenza underwent a facelift, which included updates to the exterior styling, interior design, and suspension.

2nd generation (2009-2012)

The second-generation Mazda Atenza was launched in 2008 and was again available as a sedan or wagon. It featured a more aggressive design and was offered with a range of gasoline and diesel engines, including a high-performance MazdaSpeed6 variant. The second-generation Atenza also introduced a new 2.5-liter direct-injection gasoline engine.

3rd generation (2013-2019)

The third-generation Mazda Atenza was introduced in 2012 and featured a more refined and upscale design. It was available as a sedan or wagon and was offered with a range of gasoline and diesel engines. The third-generation Atenza also introduced a new SkyActiv technology suite, which included advanced engine and transmission technology, as well as lightweight materials and aerodynamic improvements.

4th Generation (2019-present)

The fourth-generation Mazda Atenza was launched in 2019 and features a sleek and modern design that embodies Mazda's Kodo design language. It is offered as a sedan or wagon and is available with a range of gasoline and diesel engines, including a new SkyActiv-X engine that uses compression ignition technology for improved fuel efficiency. The fourth-generation Atenza also features a range of advanced safety and driver assistance technologies, including Mazda's i-Activsense suite.

Specifications of Mazda Atenza (2019-2023)




Atenza (Mazda6)


Mid-size car

Body type

Sedan/ Wagon


Front-engine, front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive


2018 - present

Number of seats 



4,865 mm (sedan) - 4,805 mm (wagon)


1,840 mm


1,450 mm - 1,480 mm


2,830 mm or 2870 mm

Curb weight 

1555kg (3,437 lbs)

Engine type

2.5-liter four-cylinder

Engine capacity

2488 cc 

Maximum power

163 hp



Should We Buy A Mazda Atenza? 

Whether or not you should buy a Mazda Atenza depends on your specific needs and preferences. To make the best decision, let's analyze the features of Mazda Atenza:

Mazda Atenza interior

Compared with other vehicles in the same segment, the Mazda Atenza possesses certain plus points, creating a unique value of the interior. It has a well-crafted and stylish interior that offers a good balance of comfort and functionality. The design is modern and minimalist, with an emphasis on simplicity and elegance. Mazda Atenza is also a model with outstanding comfort and maximum driver support. The seats in the Mazda Atenza are comfortable and supportive, with plenty of legroom and headroom in both the front and rear seats. The seats are available in a range of materials, including cloth, leatherette, and leather, depending on the trim level.



The front end of the Atenza features Mazda's signature grille, typically flanked by sleek headlights that incorporate LED lighting technology. 

The grille and headlights seamlessly integrate into the sculpted hood, creating a cohesive and dynamic look. The lower bumper area may house stylish fog lights or air intakes, adding to the vehicle's sporty appearance. 

Overall, the Mazda Atenza exterior exudes a refined and upscale presence. Its flowing lines, attention to detail, and sporty touches create an attractive and sophisticated appearance.


Mazda has typically offered a range of engine options for the Atenza/Mazda6, catering to different preferences for performance and efficiency. These engine options have included both gasoline and diesel variants, though availability might vary depending on the region and model year:

In terms of gasoline engines, Mazda often employs its SkyActiv-G technology. These engines are designed to offer a balance between power and fuel efficiency through measures like high compression ratios and direct fuel injection. 

Diesel options, using the SkyActiv-D technology, have also been available in certain markets. These engines focus on combining torque-rich performance with fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are often favored for their long-distance driving capabilities and the torque they provide at lower RPMs.

Mazda Atenza fuel consumption

Is Atenza fuel-efficient? It is worth noting that Mazda Atenza delivers good fuel efficiency while offering a balance between performance and features. The exact number will depend on several factors like engine type, transmission, and driving conditions...Let's take an example, Mazda Atenza 2021 equipped with the base 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission has an estimated fuel economy rating of 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. This makes it one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class.

Mazda Atenza price in Kenya

To have a Mazda Atenza for sale in Kenya, you will have to pay from 2,692,250 to 6,042,850 KES or more to have a new Atenza. The price for a used Mazda Atenza will start from 1,300,000 to around KES 4,350,000 depending on the model and trim level you choose, as well as other options and features you may select. 

Should we buy a Mazda6? The answer will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and priorities.

What Are The Most Common Problems With The Mazda Atenza?

  • One of the most common problems you might encounter when buying a Mazda Atenza is the soundproof system of this car. Some drivers complain that Atenza often has a poor soundproofing system, if not worse than other models in the same segment. When the car moves at low speed, if you pay attention to the details, you can hear the engine sound as well as the car engine working below.
  • Electrical problems: Some Mazda Atenza cars have experienced electrical problems, such as malfunctioning power windows, door locks, and audio systems. These issues may be caused by faulty switches, wiring, or fuses.

So now you have an overview of the Mazda Atenza, the action will depend on you. You can visit our site to refer to all models of Mazda Atenza.