How to Fix a Fuel Pump Without Replacing It?

November 7, 2023

If you are driving your car and realize that it doesn’t accelerate properly even after your efforts, this must surely catch your attention. Further, if you face difficulties starting your car and feel some wheel’s jerkiness, this indicates something serious about your car and it might be because of the bad fuel pump. Every now and then most of us have to deal with this problem, following the thought of how to fix a fuel pump without replacing it!

Having a bad fuel pump is one common problem that most of us face. This concerns most of us, isn’t it? Is it really possible to temporary fuel pump fix? If you are really concerned with the same, here we are to help to know how to make fuel pump work again.

How to start a car with a bad fuel pump
How to start a car with a bad fuel pump

To begin with, we would strongly recommend taking the car to the mechanic to get the problem sorted completely. The best solution in the case of a faulty or bad fuel pump is to simply replace it. Continuing to use a bad fuel pump will damage your car’s performance even if you know how to fuel pump quick fix.

What Does A Fuel Pump Do?

1: What is a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is an essential component of a car powered by an internal combustion engine. Older motorcycle engines do not require any fuel pump at all because they have gravity-fed fuel from the fuel tank or under high pressure to the fuel injection system. 

2: Where is the fuel pump located?

Carbureted engines often use low-pressure mechanical pumps that are mounted outside the fuel tank, whereas fuel-injected engines often use electric fuel pumps that are mounted inside the fuel tank. Some fuel-injected engines even have two fuel pumps: one low-pressure/high-volume supply to pump in the tank and one high-pressure/low volume to pump on or near the engine.

replace fuel pump without dropping tank
Fuel pump is usually electric and located inside the fuel tank.

Fuel pressure is required to be within certain specifications for the engine to run correctly. For example:

  • If the fuel pressure is too high, the engine will run rough and rich. It will not combust all of the fuel being pumped and make the engine inefficient and a pollutant.
  • If the pressure is too low, the engine will run lean, misfire, or stall.

3: What does it do?

A car engine burns a mixture of petrol and air. Petrol is pumped along a pipe from the tank and mixed with air in the carburetor, from which the engine sucks in the mixture. In the fuel-injection system, used on some engines, the petrol and air are mixed in the inlet manifold.

how to fix a fuel pump
The fuel pump draws petrol out of the tank through a pipe to the carburetor.

What a fuel pump does is that it draws petrol out of the tank through a pipe to the carburetor. The pump may be mechanically worked by the engine – or it may be electric, in which case it is usually next to or even inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump draws petrol out of the tank to the carburetor.

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Pump

As tricks to get a fuel pump working, looking for signs of a bad fuel pump is the best line of defense against sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck:

First, when you think you have run out of gas or there is a problem with the gas gauge, it may be the time that your fuel pump needs replacing.

Second, engine overheating is a not-so-obvious indication of a possible fuel pump failure. How does a car act when the fuel pump is going out? When the fuel pump is heated frequently within a few moments after turning the vehicle on, like when it is common with stop-and-go driving patterns, then the fuel pump may overheat and cause the engine to overheat too. Typically the car suddenly stops working after you drive for 15 to 30 minutes, and the engine gets hot. If after letting the engine cool down it functions appropriately again — only to repeat the behavior — this is a firm sign the fuel pump is failing.

Third, bad fuel pump sound, unusual noises, sputtering, or backfiring can also be indicative of a bad fuel pump. When the flow to the fuel injection system in the vehicle is not consistent, the engine will cause problems. Keep an eye out for things like a hesitant start or take-off, or any problem when starting the vehicle.

How to know If the fuel pump is bad in your car:

How To Fix A Fuel Pump Without Replacing It?

Most importantly, you must first check and confirm if your fuel pump is actually bad or not. There are a number of ways by which you can confirm yourself for having a bad fuel pump. The basic indication of having a faulty fuel pump is the low pressure in the engine. A faulty fuel pump will lower the required pressure and will disturb the ratio of the engine’s air-fuel, which will surely hinder the car’s performance.

Running your car with a bad fuel pump will quickly burn out the pump’s motor. The overheating of the engine can also be one of the possible signs when driving with a bad fuel pump. But still, there are some solutions to know how to fix a fuel pump without replacing it. Here’s what you can possibly try.

1. Use fuel pressure gauge

This can be one of the best alternative solutions when you are concerned with the various ways to deal with a bad fuel pump to start your car. Even the mechanics use this method when they are working on a bad fuel pump. Therefore, this method can be totally relied upon in case of a bad fuel pump.

All you need to do is to attach the fuel pressure gauge to your car’s engine. This will somehow let you start your car with a bad fuel pump along with giving an idea about the actual failing of the car’s engine.

fuel pump quick fix
Using Fuel Pressure Gauge to start a car with bad fuel pump

2. Applying some external pressure

Another possible solution relating to the concern of “how to fix a fuel pump without replacing it” is to apply some external pressure to the car. The main problem with a bad fuel pump is that it reduces the required pressure for the car’s operation and thus causes problems with its performance.

Thus, the best solution that you can try against your need to start your car with a bad fuel pump is applying some external pressure. The external source of pressure will maintain the required pressure level for the car’s engine to perform.

3. Maintaining the engine’s heat

Maintaining the heat in your car’s engine can also possibly be the solution for the need to start your car with a bad fuel pump. The main reason why your car starts, even with a bad fuel pump is that once the car gets cool, the fuel pump resets itself without the required pressure and heat. This results in immediate malfunction and disrupts the car’s performance.

Thus, the best way to start a car with a bad fuel pump is to maintain a significant amount of heat in a car’s engine. This will reduce the frequent malfunction in the car along with stabilizing the car’s performance to the maximum.

how to make a fuel pump work again
Try to keep car heat at the same level.

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However, it is not advisable to start a car or to look for possible ways to fix a fuel pump without replacing it. The bad fuel pump, if not taken care of, can bring a number of problems and side effects to the car. The possible side effects that can result from having a bad fuel pump are:

  • Decrease the car’s mileage
  • Frequent engine failures
  • Power loss
  • Surging
  • Engine sputtering
  • The rise in temperature of the car’s engine

In general, to avoid all these side-effects, most of the automobile experts suggest avoiding using a car with a bad fuel pump. You can try the above-mentioned methods but the possible associated risks are too high. Get your fuel pump repair at the earliest to avoid any of the possible side effects on your car and to enjoy an everlasting performance.

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